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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

For those who might be interested


I'm closing down the blog (I'm publishing a book out of it on the events of this summer), after two months where my personal experience of that terrible war was let on line, at the disposal of everyone.

Thanks to the 982 different visitors who have spent some of their precious time on those personal pages.
Thanks for many of them for their messages of support. As for the messages full with insults and hatred, all I can say is that humanity, unfortunately, seems to be in no mood to change, and that century after century, war after war, horrors after horrors, there will always remain an irreducible category of people who will always refuse to accept the truth.

As for those who would like to keep having some complete and close-to-the-field news, I suggest they visit the following websites:

In French:
Lebanese daily newspaper of the Christian, rightish stream; the political analysis is very poor, but the facts, dates and data are there.

Much better is to read in English:
Lebanese daily newspaper, very serious and very interesting.

As for the ones of you who can read in Arabic:

Pro-governmental daily, considered to be the "intellectuals' daily" in Lebanon and even in the Arab world.

Daily belonging to the Hariri family; pro-governmental.

Daily of the leftish opposition; excellent reportages on the horrors perpetrated by the Israeli army this summer.

The main difference between the former century and this one is definitely that today, one cannot say "we couldn't know". Today, information is available. The real question is whether people want to know the truth, and once they know it, whether they're ready to accept it.